How big do armadillo lizards get?

Armadillo lizards are small reptiles that measure around 6 inches in length. They have a distinctive armored appearance and are native to southern Africa. Despite their small size, armadillo lizards are known for their tough and resilient nature, which has earned them their name. They are a popular choice for reptile enthusiasts due to their unique appearance and hardy nature. If you are considering getting an armadillo lizard as a pet, it is important to understand their care requirements and behavior in order to provide them with a comfortable and healthy life.


How to breed crickets at home?

Breeding crickets at home is a cost-effective way to provide your pets with a steady supply of protein. To get started, you’ll need a breeding container, food, water, and a heat source. Keep reading to learn more about how to breed crickets at home.


What do mud puppies look like?

Mud puppies are aquatic salamanders found in North America. They have a brown or grayish-black color with a slimy skin and can grow up to a foot long. Their legs are short and their feet have four toes each. Their eyes are small and their gills are external, making them easy to identify. Mud puppies are fascinating creatures to observe in their natural habitat.